Yelp’s Latest Program: What Is Yelp Knowledge, and What Can It Do for You?

Yesterday, Yelp announced its launch of Yelp Knowledge, a partnership program for local analytics. The location-specific dataset allows businesses to access a wealth of untapped wisdom.

Earlier this year Yelp gave access of its full database to social media management enterprise Sprinklr. In its blog post announcing the new program, Yelp named additional partners, Medallia, Reputology, and Revinate, who will also gain access.

This has been a major year for Yelp. According to Marketing Land, at the end of Q1 this year, Yelp said it had 102 million consumer reviews globally, and 70 percent of searches on Yelp globally come from mobile devices.Yelp_Knowledge-logo-header

What does Yelp Knowledge do?

Yelp Knowledge provides your company with valuable data that you would not typically know about your customers. Yelp cites an example of a Sprinklr client, David’s Bridal, who lacked and wanted to know valuable data insights on its customer base, such as how customers feel about their in-store experiences and what brings customers back to specific store locations. Once Sprinklr became a Yelp Knowledge partner, David’s Bridal gained access to a wealth of customer feedback: in the blog post, Yelp tells us, “For example, some stores offered staff training programs to increase initial speed to service. As a result, David’s Bridal’s overall service scores are the highest they’ve been and continue to be a focus for improvement — after just 4 – 6 months leveraging detailed location intelligence.”

If you are already using Yelp but are looking for deeper insights into your consumers’ thoughts and behaviors, this might be the program for you.

How can my company gain access to this tool?

The Yelp blog post points out the importance of searching for the Yelp Knowledge partner logo when you are researching which social media analytics company to use for your business.

Or, if your company is interested in becoming a Yelp Knowledge partner and building their in-depth data set into their platform, you can email Yelp’s Business Development team at

Read more about Yelp Knowledge here.

By Kylie West