The Virtanza™ Sales Training and Certification program, HDS Premier Consulting’s flagship program, is a highly interactive transformational 12-24 week comprehensive sales training, management coaching and certification process. It focuses on cross-platform marketing advertisement investment solutions for your clients, instilling a “cultural change” in the way sellers approach business customers. Client results show sales teams improve their closing ratio and capture dominant share of advertising in their markets. Consequently, both sellers and seller management alike are big fans of this program. Virtanza generates a pipeline of sales deals for your media company, so by the end of the training program your investment yields significant dividends.


Virtanza helps teams achieve revenue returns of 4 to 13 times their investment, using hands-on training in classroom workshops (role-play, repetition, and reinforcement), customer proposal development, video-taping/playback and in-field call coaching specific to your customers, products and market. This process requires participants to be accountable in front of their peers, management and customers. Virtanza includes training materials customized for your market and your products.

Both sales reps and managers are trained for improved performance and skills through accountability, encouraging and recognizing success, and ensuring deep learning through coaching. Virtanza sales representatives possess years of experiences in marketing, media, strategy, organization development and consulting.


The Team

  • Debbie Holzkamp is the founder and principal of HDS Premier Consulting. With 28 years of competitive market operational experience and consulting, she has proven strategic and tactical planning and facilitation skills, designed and offers sales effectiveness tools for purchase, and launched many successful startup products and services.
  • Virtanza program sales trainer and field coach Keith Gilpin specializes in integrated print and digital direct marketing and sales territory strategies to optimize and grow local revenue. He possesses over 25 years of hands-on media leadership in local and major markets.
  • Larry Smalley, a highly experienced management consultant and facilitator, is known for blending business skills and practical Human Resources techniques that help multi-unit, manufacturing and service companies achieve a competitive advantage.
  • Eileen Licitra assists with Virtanza’s sales enablement through product marketing and lead generation techniques. She possesses 20 years of marketing and product management experience, with particular expertise in media and web-based products and services.
  • Bernice Burns helps the Virtanza team develop programs for publishers seeking to maximize market share through effective sales practices, creating a training programs completely customized for each media outlet. She also facilitates the training seminars, accompanies sellers on sales calls and completes evaluations on the sellers’ field call work.
  • As president of a business acquisition company, Sabrina Crow provides strategic counseling to HDS for continued growth trajectory and is on the board of several advertising associations.


Upon completion of the program, the participating company receives a certificate of training completion. The Virtanza program results in local business decision makers seeking your team to develop the right advertising investment and achieve an ROI. It delivers immediate short term results which build into long term sustainable solutions.