Are you hoping to transition your lifestyle? Are you working multiple jobs and struggling with a crazy schedule?

Consider a career in sales. We would love to help you get started on this path through our educational program, Virtanza Vocational University. This professional program features the following:

  • Intro to Strategic Consultant Selling Method (written and multiple roleplay exams)
  • Professional Sales: Technology, Resources and Tools
  • Microsoft Suite: Learning and Certification
  • Interviewing and Professional Consultant Selling – Role – Plays for Company Placement
  • Case Study: Working with a company sponsor VVU

Why work in sales?

  • Job security. Companies will always need a strong sales department to drive business forward. On average, sales salaries amount to $60,957 per year, according to
    • With Virtanza Vocational University, you’ll be trained and placed in a reputable company earning up to 50k-100k or more.
  • More flexibility and independence. Sales careers tend to offer flexible schedules that allow you to choose when to work and sometimes even where.
  • Personal growth. Though you’ll have targets to reach, you also have responsibility to set your own goals. Plus, there is always room to grow in sales.
  • Develop relationships and meet interesting people. With a career in sales, every day is a little bit different. Just as your work varies, the people you interact with vary too.

Interested in a VVU sales education?

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