VWaiteSometimes in life, you don’t find your career, your career finds you – the plans you made change, and as a result, you embark on a new journey. That’s exactly what happened to Veronica Waite after pursuing a degree in Marketing. As Veronica puts it, she always thought she would work as a media buyer for a large company, but after multiple attempts to find a job in this role, she took a sales position. As character of Veronica, she jumped into her new role ready to learn, build new relationships and grow with her company. A large part of her learning and growth came from the Virtanza sales training she received. “I was only two weeks into my sales career when I went through Virtanza’s training,” said Veronica. “I think the most important thing I took away from training was the significance of a detailed needs assessment. It does you no good to just sell products; you have to sell a solution.”

Since those first few weeks in her new role, Veronica has continued to utilize the tools from her Virtanza training in how she sells. “Virtanza has taught me how to slow down the sales process and go through the steps – it’s not always beneficial to go into a sales opportunity guns blazing; you might miss something that could damage the relationship and actually set you back.” Veronica credits the needs assessment portion of the training as transformational to her sales style, as well as the portion on ‘presenting the solution’. “It’s vital to relate your presentation to the client’s needs; you want them to know you were listening and that you are looking out for them and their company.”

Her biggest piece of advice for someone looking to pursue a career in sales? “Sales is not just a numbers game. Yes, you have goals; but you’re never going to hit them if you just pitch product all day.” Veronica encourages sellers to take the time to build relationships and sell a solution, emphasizing that long term clients are more valuable than short term. “LISTEN! LISTEN! LISTEN! During a needs assessment you’ll have the urge to pitch product, but STOP and listen.”

Veronica Waite is currently a Multimedia Consultant for Tribune’s Orlando Property. She is responsible for selling anything and everything in Orlando Sentinel’s portfolio (newspaper, magazine, pre-prints, digital display, website, etc.).

Post written by Katie Marcuzzo, a professional writer, communications specialist, and member of the Virtanza team.