Twitter Releases New Dashboard Tool for Small Businesses

On Tuesday, Twitter announced the release of a new dashboard tool, making it simpler for small and medium-sized businesses to manage their accounts. Designed to become Twitter’s platform for businesses, the free app is available on iOS and as a Mac desktop platform to all U.S. businesses.

Noah Pepper, Twitter’s product and engineering manager, wrote in a blog post on Tuesday, : “[Twitter] is a place for authentic interactions – but we know that creating these kinds of connections isn’t always easy for businesses that are time and resource-constrained. That’s why we built a brand new app to help the busy people behind these businesses.”

This new concept from the microblogging social platform allows business owners and social media managers to navigate Twitter easily and communicate with customers quickly. WebProNews points out that this tool is especially helpful for small businesses which may not have expensive third party tools or outside consultants to manage their Twitter related marketing.

What can Dashboard do?

  • It can help you engage with your audience more easily.
    • You can create a custom feed that allows you to view tweets at a glance.
  • It allows you to schedule your tweets.
    • This works similarly to third-party platforms like Hootsuite and enables you to view analytics.
      This way, you can schedule Tweets to reach your audience when they’re online and you’re busy.
  • It gives you Tweet ideas and inspiration!
    • Twitter gives an example in their blog post for anyone working at a restaurant: “a tip like, ‘Your team is as unique as your business. Tweet a surprising fact about one of your team members,’ might remind you to share some recent recognition your chef received.”
    • Marketing Land provides another example of Twitter’s efforts to provide inspiration: “Capture an ordinary but beautiful moment in your day and share it with your followers.”

How do I try it out?
If you are on a computer, download it here. For iOS devices, download it here.

By Kylie West