Social Media Management: Which Tool to Use?

Countless tools exist to help us better manage our social media accounts. From scheduling tweets to providing detailed analytics, these digital aids are invaluable to understanding our audience and attracting potential customers. The problem, however, is that there are so many options. Where to even begin in the selection process?

While there are few, if any, downsides to choosing any of the popular social media management platforms, certain options will work better than others for filling your company’s marketing needs and goals.



For: The Medium to Large Company
Perhaps the most popular of the social media management tools, Hootsuite is an excellent choice for your all-in-one system. If you run a medium to large company, this might be for you, as it offers a collaboration feature that allows you to add multiple team members to the account.


For: The Independent Content Creator
Buffer is right up there with Hootsuite in popularity, but it is more of a content publishing platform than Hootsuite is. While its toolbox may be smaller than Hootsuite’s, its simplicity in interface design makes it a great choice for the solo blogger looking to share their content (or, really, anybody starting out in publishing their content). For a more detailed comparison between Hootsuite and Buffer, check out this article.


For: The Minimalist
Even simpler than Buffer is Everypost. Like Buffer, this is best for the solo worker, and it’s useful for publishing content from your iPhone or Android. If you want features like analytics but are not interested in paying, it may be best to choose another option like Hootsuite, which offers a number of growth tools for free.

For: The Social Media Guru
By social media guru, I mean an individual or company who takes that extra step to interact with their online audience. This social media management tool is built for customer engagement, allowing you to interact with your customers and build lasting relationships. Unfortunately, Sproutsocial’s only free option is a trial period, so it’s not ideal for those on a budget. However, many would argue that it’s worth the investment.

Twitter Dashboard
For: The SMB
See a previous post written about Twitter dashboard here. While this platform is designed only for Twitter, it does offer a wide range of tools including a feature that gives you Tweet inspiration (yes, it gives you actual recommendations for content you can post!). It’s an easy tool for SMBs to use, especially if they don’t have outside consultants to help them manage their Twitter accounts. Additionally, it offers analytics so you can measure your Twitter’s success.


There are countless other options for social media management, and oftentimes you can even use your social media platforms themselves for management (e.g. Facebook offers an option to schedule your post in advance). However, I selected some of the most popular ones in hopes that these will be a starting point for anybody searching for their ideal social media management tool.