In the last Virtanza post, I discussed the expected growth of marketing automation in 2016 and the many benefits it can provide for companies. One marketing automation software in particular that merits its own post is’s Pardot.


Forbes rated Salesforce the World’s Most Innovative Company four years in a row, and with good reason (they even have a list of perks on their website).’s B2B marketing automation, Pardot, helps you generate high-quality leads, create custom emails, accelerate your sales pipeline, and calculate your marketing ROI.

There are many popular automated marketing softwares out there, including Marketo and Eloqua, but I chose to focus on Pardot due to its seamless syncing with Salesforce. The most efficient way to explore the pros and cons, I found, was through customer reviews. Here, I have gathered results from various reviews on G2 Crowd. On G2 Crowd, Salesforce Pardot received an average of 4.3 out of 5 stars from 557 ratings. Not bad!

Perks of Pardot:

  • Excellent customer service. If you need any assistance with the software, the team is always available via chat.
  • Extremely user-friendly with a simple user interface
  • Competitive pricing
  • Marketing automation works seamlessly with Salesforce, providing an easy transition from one to the other


  • No built-in SEO tools
  • Reporting could be stronger and more customizable. Many people wish to see charts and graphs added to the report export.
  • Though Pardot and Salesforce function well together, the sync time is often lengthy. List uploads are not instantaneous and Salesforce CRM syncing can take up to a day to complete with large lists of prospects
  • More functionality in a drip campaign- e.g. a prospect cannot be added more than once, there isn’t an option to check if a prospect has obtained a certain score or tag through a drip program in order to steer them in a different direction in the program or view a prospect’s contact information on the list

What sets Pardot apart from other automated marketing softwares?

There are many factors to consider when considering Pardot as opposed to the many other tools out there. For a detailed review of Pardot’s capabilities compared with Marketo and Eloqua, check out The Sales Lion’s article.

If you think Pardot is right for your company, take advantage of’s free guided tour of Pardot. Fill out a simple form here and learn more. DEG Digital also created a more detailed overview and tutorial of Pardot, which can be found here.