Sales Assessment Practices and Tools: An Interview with Dean Wright of Chally Growth Company

deanMeet Dean Wright, Senior Director, Global Channel Sales Operations of Chally, a GrowthPlay Company.  Since joining the company in 2006, Dean has work with all types clients, but this year moved over to the channel network side of the company, which is now his sole focus.  Dean shared with us some information about his company and its sales strategies.  He also went over valuable tips for sales executives hoping to increase productivity and revenue to the bottom line.

Chally and Sales Assessment Tools

Chally’s mission is to assist clients in increasing sales and management productivity and profitability. They do this by helping to systematically match sales, service and leadership personnel to top performance requirements. They also help to match talent management strategies to the added value needs that predict customer satisfaction and prospect buying.chally_growthplay_logo

Through Chally’s unique methodology and predictive assessment tools, such as employment assessments and talent audit, based on our proven actuarial science, leverage 140 validated competencies to predict performance of individuals in Sales, Leadership, and Key Professionals. Their extensive research database, disciplined approach, and expertise ensure the accuracy of our solutions that are customized for the specific requirements of each of our clients, providing them with vital information and analysis, empowering them to make critical talent management decision in:

  • Selecting and developing the right people
  • Aligning talent to strategy, operations, and client deliverables
  • Measuring potential versus actual performance
  • Increasing productivity
  • Managing succession
  • Improving customer retention

The key to sustainable success for any organization is the right talent. Chally’s science, applied to the measurement of workforce performance, enables our customers to realize greater Sales and Leadership productivity and profitability.

Words of Sales-Related Wisdom

For people, especially students, hoping to pursue a career in sales, Dean suggests you discover and examine your natural potential / skills, and match those to the position you are applying for.  “You’ll be happier and more successful in the long run.”