Quality Over Quantity in Lead Generation

Ascend2lead generation recently released the results of their Lead Generation Trends Survey after interviewing 300 marketing, sales and business professionals from around the world. According to the report, B2B marketers value quality over quantity when it comes to generating leads.

72% of companies consider their lead generation strategy successful to some extent at achieving their important objectives. However, for the remaining 28%, lead generation success is elusive.The report then addresses obstacles to lead generation success. 40% of respondents said that lack of an effective strategy was an obstacle. Yet nearly three-quarters of the companies (74%) said that their lead generation effectiveness was improving, with 21% experiencing significant improvement.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the survey found that, while one of the most effective online tactics, content marketing is also the most difficult to execute for lead generation purposes.


Tips for Lead Generation Through Content Marketing

  • Social media advertising
    • The Hootsuite blog recommends using this to allow you to target very specific groups of people.
  • Attend industry events.
    • MarketingLand provides content curation ideas for pre-event, during event, and post-event.
  • Utilize multimedia.
    • Put on a webinar. This takes a lot of work, but it can be incredibly rewarding. Check out Hubspot’s tips for holding a successful webinar.
    • Create a video tutorial.
  • Giveaways!
    • Create an eBook or provide a free guide. You can do this by combining content from different blog posts or transcribing the dialogue of a webinar or podcast you held.
    • Run a contest. We all know people love a chance to win, but Mashable gives us even more reasons to use this tactic.
      • Tip: Lead Genius recommends making your giveaway related to the topic of your blog post. This can aid your lead generation efforts. The writer explains, “If a reader has been interested enough to read your article all the way through (or they’ve skimmed to the bottom), the individual is primed to want more information on the topic.” Strategically place your free PDF or other downloadable material at the bottom of your post, and see what happens!




To view the full report from Ascend2, click here, and be sure to check out the Lead Genius blog for more content marketing strategies.

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