According to this Social Media Examiner article, LinkedIn is highly ranked on Google. In other words, if you Google your name and you have a LinkedIn profile, your profile will appear on the first page of Google. LinkedIn is not only an effective tool for sharing your resume and background with other people and companies; it is also quite valuable for marketing your brand and getting your business noticed on the Internet. LinkedIn users are on the site for “serious reasons”, according to an article on The Guardian. The article quotes Josh Graff, head of LinkedIn Marketing Solutions across Europe: “The platform has changed. People used to think of it just as a place to secure a new job. But six times more impressions flow from people seeking information about companies than those specifically looking for a new job.”

Some key benefits of having a LinkedIn profile:

  • The site’s newly introduced Sponsored Updates, similarly to Facebook, allows businesses purchase power to ensure that their post appears on the newsfeeds of LinkedIn members.
  • LinkedIn members have the ability to create their own advertising campaigns.
  • Social Media Today suggests connecting your Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. You can see whether your connections on LinkedIn are also Twitter users, thus adding value to your LinkedIn connections.
  • By creating your own group, you can become a thought leader by interacting with your customers or audience and highlighting the content you choose to post.
  • Interaction is the key to being noticed on any social media site! A recent HubSpot blog post explains, “It’s the Golden Rule of social networking: If you engage with several of your connections every day, those same connections will start to listen to what you have to say.”
  • What makes LinkedIn the social media tool that it is? Connections. Your employees are connected to you through your company page, so if anybody observes your employee’s profile, he or she can also easily find and view your profile.

Get noticed on LinkedIn!

  • Join groups and engage with them. According to this infographic on LinkedIn’s business blog, users who post or engage in group discussions receive an average of four times as many profile views as those who do not.
    • On average, members join seven groups. Find ones that interest you or your business and start interacting with other LinkedIn users, and you might be surprised by the results!

With an average of 45 million profile views each day and over 150 million users, LinkedIn is a popular marketing tool that businesses around the world are utilizing. Not only does LinkedIn have a professional and respected reputation, it is also quite advantageous in connecting you with other people, brands, and businesses. LinkedIn, like many other social media sites, gives users the freedom to portray themselves and their businesses in whatever light they choose to. The site allows you to be selective about what information you would like to share, with integrity implied, and use it to your company’s benefit.