unnamedWhen Jenn Fisher began a career in sales, she wasn’t exactly certain what she was getting herself into, but knew one thing for sure…she loved building relationships and meeting new people. Fortunately, that passion was the perfect ingredient to starting a successful career in sales. “I fell in love with sales when I realized I could get paid to meet people and figure out how to help them with their individual business needs,” said Jenn.

Equipped with the drive and curiosity to learn, the Virtanza sales training program gave Jenn the resources and support she needed to capitalize on her natural born skills and personality traits. She now has an arsenal of proven tools to support her in meeting with clients, building her sales portfolio and closing the deal.

“I learned to ask the right questions, prepare, practice and really listen to the client,” said Jenn. “The preparation tools I’ve learned from Virtanza have allowed me to exceed the clients’ expectations almost every time.

What advice would she give to a salesperson trying to build their career? “Don’t think you know it all…ever! Always be willing to be creative and have fun.”

Jenn Fisher is the new Business Development Manager for Dix Communications.

Post written by Katie Marcuzzo, a professional writer, communications specialist, and member of the Virtanza team.