This past Tuesday, August 26, the digital marketing technology provider Silverpop led a webinar focusing on the key components of its marketing platform. Whether or not you use Silverpop as your software, though, the information the webinar provides is useful for all marketers. This Silverpop Product Presentation and Demonstration webinar is available online for anybody to watch; however, in this post I will provide a summary of the key points.

Product Marketing Director Chris Murphy opens the webinar with a discussion of shifting consumer behaviors, which include more channels of interaction across various devices, device proliferation, and more access to information. With these changes in technology and consumer behaviors come marketing obstacles:

  • Data in silos, which gives us a fragmented picture of customers
  • Lack of control over data
  • Inability to provide relevant content
  • Getting a customer’s attention with the right channel
  • Inability to execute in real-time
  • Lack of insight as to how individuals interact with your brand

In one simple product demonstration, we see how a marketing platform enables us to address each of these issues. To overcome these obstacles we must know this: the future of marketing is personal. As marketers, we must understand customers as individuals. More engagement results in better results and revenue.


The Product Demonstration

Sean Fennelly, Senior Sales Engineer, provides us with a product demonstration for a fictional chocolate company’s website.

Silverpop emphasizes the importance of returning to your website to collect additional data on specific contacts. In this product demo, the site has a “What’s your favorite type of chocolate?” poll. A potential customer selects dark chocolate. The website then automates a response: “We love dark chocolate too! We have 10 great Dark Chocolate recipes that you will love,” with a link to get recipes below it.

This link takes the customer to a form asking for their name and email address. Sean includes a useful tip: you don’t want to scare people with too many questions on a form. Try to limit it to a name and email address. Then, send them an email indicating their interests (in this instance, dark chocolate).



Cater your email content to the viewer. Sean provides an example of a travel company that displays images of places or landmarks that the customer would want to visit (e.g. Statue of Liberty) in the emails. The content can be both changed and individualized easily.

Another way to optimize email is timing. The “Send Time Optimization (STO)” features allows you to track when the person typically checks his or her email over the course of a 24-hour period or a week.


Do you use another marketing platform?

I discussed just a few of the many features Silverpop offers. Of course, Silverpop is one of many marketing technologies out there, but its tools are valuable to anyone. Whether or not you use this platform, you and your company can take away the importance of engaging with customers as individuals, understandding your customers’ behaviors, and catering your website content and emails accordingly.


Curious about Silverpop?

Silverpop concluded the webinar with an offer to try a do-it-yourself demo at You can also schedule a personalized demo by emailing or Chris Murphy at