Facebook Instant Articles

The quick, clean layout of Facebook Instant Articles makes the reading experience easier and more accessible for Facebook readers while also helping publishers reach a larger audience.

Social media giant Facebook is continually developing and creating business and advertising features. On April 12, 2016, Facebook released a feature called “Instant Articles,” which allows publishers to create speedy, interactive articles on Facebook. The feature is available to any type of publisher, anywhere in the world.

Why Readers Like Instant Articles:

  • Sharable: Readers share Instant Articles 30% more often than mobile web articles on average.
  • Quick: Unlike normal articles, which you have to go to a third party website to read, Facebook articles are available to read in the Facebook mobile app.
  • Interactive: Facebook Instant Articles have interactive maps, autoplay videos, and allow you to tap to expand photos.

Why Publishers Like Them:

Advertising: Serve display ads into Instant Articles and keep 100% of your generated revenue. You can also measure and track the viewability of your Instant Articles.

Branded content: Using Facebook’s styling tools, you can distinguish branded content from editorial content. A native toolset (coming soon) will allow your brand to include a sponsor logo on the first screen. A branded content tag also enables a simple workflow between the publisher and advertiser.

Larger audience: According to AdExchanger, a publisher using Instant Articles has the ability to reach a large audience that they likely would not have access to organically. The AdExchanger article reads, “While this access may not drive as much ad revenue in the near term, it could ultimately expand the audience for value-add services that will more than replace lost ad revenue for savvy publishers.”


Is the feature successful at generating customer leads?

A Business Insider article tells us, “French political publisher Libération has revealed some details about its experience with Instant Articles to Digiday. The third-largest publication in France said its Facebook likes have increased by 10% to more than 550,000 since it started using the service, and the time users spent reading articles rose by 33% to four minutes and 40 seconds.”

The Business Insider piece cites more success stories, including one from Julia Beizer, the director of mobile products for The Washington Post. She says that Instant Articles has largely helped increase repeat visits within seven days.

The article also tells us that part of this may be due to the fact that mobile messaging through messaging apps like Facebook are quickly gaining in popularity and offer more innovative and engaging options for customer outreach. Furthermore, in-app advertising can generate high engagement rates, especially with video (which is available in Instant Articles).

How do I get started?

Facebook offers simple instructions here.