Diane Ringer is no rookie to the sales world – with 35 years under her belt; she has excelled in many different roles that have led to her current leadership position as Sales Manager for Dix Communications’ Record Publishing sector. Yet it isn’t necessarily Diane’s years of experience that have allowed her to build a thriving sales career, but rather, her desire to be a lifelong learner and continually seek out growth opportunities.unnamed-4

“There are always opportunities to build new relationships or reconnect with old ones,” says Diane. “And seeking out those connections is the first step in any sales endeavor.”

Diane credits Virtanza sales training with helping her grow in her career. As Diane explained – whether the sales principles are new, or proven processes taught to be utilized in a fresh way, Virtanza equips a seller with all the tools necessary to be successful. “After years of being in the same profession, it is easy to revert back to what is a familiar. Virtanza gives me a framework to build from; an organized process and needs analysis, and a structured format for presentations.”

Diane says that being educated on the customer’s needs and understanding their business inside and out is vital before ever meeting with them. “Virtanza teaches how to create a thorough plan for the client and a checklist to run through during a sales meeting,” explains Diane. “The training keeps you lively, interactive, and accountable.”

So what would Diane say to a seller just beginning their journey? “Persistence is how you build relationships. We present opportunities; but selling really begins when the client says NO. Never try to sell something you don’t believe in and that you don’t feel will benefit your client.” She also encourages sellers to be respectful of the customer’s schedule. “Don’t be a salesperson; become a marketing consultant that always has your customers’ needs in mind. How successful they are is a reflection of your work.”

Diane Ringer is the Sales Manager for Dix Communications’ Record Publishing sector. She works with sales professionals for local products reaching Cuyahoga Falls Press-News, Hudson Hub-Times, Stow Sentry and the Tallmadge Express.

Post written by Katie Marcuzzo, a professional writer, communications specialist, and member of the Virtanza team.