Growing up with a mother who owned a dance studio for more than 30 years, Devin Woolsey knew that it took hard work, tenacity and courage to be a business owner. His upbringing instilled in him a passionate desire to make a difference in the lives of business owners, so when it came time to map out his future, it was evident that he would work with business owners in some type of supporting role.unnamed

Devin graduated from Utah Valley University with a degree in Digital Media, receiving a call soon after from the publisher at the Richfield Reaper in Richfield, UT. “He had known me my whole life and was looking for someone to sell advertising,” Devin explained. “I had performed on stage with his sons for many years and now he wanted me to perform on the selling stage to businesses in the Richfield area. I loved the exhilarating feeling of making a sale and felt even better that the businesses I partnered with were going to benefit from the exposure – I knew immediately I was living out my calling.”

After working for himself for several years in Website design, Devin received a call from the Publisher and Sales Manager of the Uintah Basin Standard and Vernal Express. They were looking for someone that could sell both print and digital products and help businesses in the Uintah Basin grow and develop in both directions. That phone call is why Devin does what he does today as the Sales Manager and Digital Specialist for

Utilizing Virtanza for Success

It was in this role that Devin went through the Virtanza sales training. “During the Virtanza sales process, I was able to not only learn and grow from the training put on by Debbie Holzkamp, but I was able to see the big picture and understand that the sale was actually the last step in the selling process.” Devin credits Virtanza for challenging him to ask vital questions during the selling process, such as examining the “whys” behind a business and looking deeper into what they really need.

“The Needs Assessment based selling structure has given me extra confidence in my selling because not only do I get to know the businesses owners and their business on a deeper level, but I am completely aware of their needs and am able to develop a proposal that I know will be successful,” explained Devin. “That kind of confidence does not come easy in newspaper selling as ROI is sometimes hard to determine. The ROI formula is a tool that will always be used and needed in the selling industry no matter what your target audience may be.”

So what is Devin’s advice for new salespeople and how they can utilize Virtanza for success?
“Never make a sale until you have completed a Needs Assessment. Let the businesses owner know you care about every aspect of their business and not just their checkbook. The sale will come – it might not be immediate, but business owners will always pay more for a product, or person, who they trust and know will get them the results they need to succeed.”

Post written by Katie Marcuzzo, a professional writer, communications specialist, and member of the Virtanza team.