Business 2 Community published a post last week on the biggest social media marketing mistakes businesses make. Not surprisingly, number 1 was “Not having a social media strategy.” Without a distinct voice, a company’s communications may appear disjointed and confused.

Voice is the key to building a connection with your audience.Twitter_logo_blue

How can you develop a clear and distinctive voice for marketing your company? Fortunately, there are countless articles providing techniques and advice on how to do so. Here is a compilation of effective strategies and examples to help you develop a clear and unique voice for your business.



1) Identify your voice. In order to develop a strong voice, you first need to figure out how it actually sounds. MarketingLand writer Courtney Seiter shares the “three C’s”:

  • Culture. What do you stand for?
  • Community. What are your customers’ concerns, and what do they want from you?
  • Conversation. In Seiter’s witty words: “How would your company sound at a backyard barbecue or cocktail party (drinking responsibly, of course)? There’s your voice.”

2) Stick to a schedule. This article recommends using tools like BufferApp to help you schedule Twitter posts for various accounts (the app keeps each account separate)– a great, flexible tool to help you jump between accounts. Another great option is Hootsuite.

3) Engage with your followers! This goes along with identifying your voice. Once you’ve nailed your tone, strike up a conversation with your audience.

  • Taco Bell is the master of this. This company’s Twitter account, which targets the 18-34 age group, is full of humorous tweets, sassy comebacks, and engagement with celebrities (yes, Taco Bell even sends gifts to famous people).

4) Respond to inquiries. This might seem obvious, but it really shows your customers you care about their needs. Starbucks does an excellent job at this with their Twitter account. Check out their “Tweets & replies” section, and see how they work their magic. Like Taco Bell, Starbucks also has fun engaging with celebrities.

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 1.25.26 PM

5) Put out original content.

  • FourSquare
    • On Twitter, they tweet a few times each day and share interesting content, often with photos (why are images so important in social media marketing? Find out here).
  • Dunkin’ Donuts
    • This company, too, posts vivid, colorful photos with clever captions:

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 11.20.05 AM

Follow these and other big brands on Twitter to get a closer look at their strategies. Find your voice—whether it’s sassy, helpful, or encouraging—and start engaging with your audience and putting content out there.