unnamed-1Coming out of college back in 2002, Crystal Ross knew she wanted to utilize her marketing degree in some way; even more though, she wanted an opportunity to work with people and be part of a profession that was closely tied to the community. “The sales position at the Chronicle allowed me to create long standing customer relationships where I could help market their business,” said Crystal.

As many of the sellers that went through the Virtanza sales training have said, Crystal credits the needs assessment tool for teaching her how to dig deeper and ask more open-ended, probing questions to create a more effective dialogue. “I thought I was pretty good at working with my clients to understand their goals before; but the needs assessment tool allowed me to get more in-depth information, which in turn, made my proposal more detailed and personal to the client’s specific objectives. As a result, we have had several clients increase their overall quarterly/yearly advertising budget with the Chronicle.”

Crystal knows that beginning a career in sales is not always easy, yet she encourages her fellow sellers to go in with a mindset of building the customer relationship first and doing the research necessary before ever meeting with a client. “Once you create that trust with the client, the dollars will eventually come,” explains Crystal. “Don’t take a sales position tunnel focused on the next sell, but rather, think about how the dollars will come once you create that dialogue and trust with the customer by providing them with effective multi-media tools.”

Crystal Ross is an Advertising Sales Consultant for the Bozeman Daily Chronicle. She is charged with taking care of their businesses advertising needs on a daily basis in regards to their marketing needs, while promoting the Bozeman Daily Chronicle as a multi-media company.

Post written by Katie Marcuzzo, a professional writer, communications specialist, and member of the Virtanza team.