Are you ready to take the first steps to making your sales career ambitions a reality?

Virtanza Vocational University has all the tools, training and coaching in place to get you there.

VVULed by sales industry veteran Debbie Holzkamp responding to the urgent need for sales education and job placement, VVU is equipped to transform the professional sales candidate market with its unique training curriculum and placement solution, bridging the considerable gap between recruiters and candidates.

It’s no secret that today’s workforce faces a tough economic climate, and even a college degree is no longer a ticket to a prosperous career. Many college graduates leave school unsure of what path to take and wind up flooding the market with their resumes with little to no response from employers. Virtanza Vocational University offers a solution to this issue by responding to this urgent need for sales education and job placement.

Through a proven four‐step process, this skill development and employment program offers students low cost, high quality sales training, effective resources, technological support, and certification upon completion of a 13‐week course. After certification, students are then offered immediate sales job placement.

Why invest in this program?

Perhaps you are a student unsure of what path to take, or maybe you already have a business and want to see it grow and improve. Whatever your situation, a sales education, particularly Virtanza’s new program, is worth taking into consideration for the following personal and financial reasons.


  • This program is ideal for any student, as the benefits of sales training extend far beyond the industry itself. Sales training improves an individual’s communication skills: especially listening. Understanding the wants and needs of customers is necessary in practically any field.
  • VVU also provides interview skills information and other learning articles to help students succeed at interviews once they complete the program.


  • According to this Forbes article, a typical public sales training program often ranges from one to two days and costs $500-$5,000 per participant. Private programs, meanwhile, can range from $3,500 per day on the low end, to $25,000 per day on the high end.
  • As a 13-week course attentive to students’ learning and needs, VVU can save an individual thousands of dollars. Here are your three options with VVU:
    • Level 1 Sales Professional Program: $8,750
    • Level 2 Sales Professional Program: $9,095
    • Sales Management Program: $12,095
      Any of these three packages will save you money in comparison to other training programs.

The bigger picture

Based on the average cost of a university training program at $20,000, the market potential is $4 billion.

Not only does VVU benefit those looking for jobs in sales, it also helps companies grow their business. This program will create consumer purchasing power within the targeted communities, thereby including a completely new customer segment that was previously inaccessible or did not suit the target profile of companies and their clients.

Companies replace over 26% of their sales labor force annually due to turnover, costing them billions of dollars in employee replacement expenses and lost revenues. Virtanza’s model will cut this cost significantly for its clients.

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