The technology, digital agency products, and other third party vendors you partner with should deliver far more than a service or a product – they should deliver a RETURN on your INVESTMENT. Virtanza works with media companies to help you find that perfect partner.

Using a proven and detailed process, the Virtanza team does the “heavy lifting” to deliver:

  • Customized criteria for technology, supplemental advertising, digital agency and other solutions specific to organization and market needs.
  • A solution that will help you:
    • Compete effectively in your market
    • Differentiate your solutions from the competition
    • Build overall audience, revenue and efficiencies
  • An RFP structure that includes often overlooked factors such as user experience and ongoing training and support
  • End-to-end product evaluation based on a range of criteria from the decision makers to the end users in your organization
  • A Matrix Scorecard to assist in your final decision on choosing the right vendor based on profit fit, market fit, revenue potential, and customer experience
  • An ROI projection based on revenue and/or audience development opportunities


To find a partner, not just a vendor, to add to your growth and profitability, contact:
Eileen Licitra at 949-374-8674

or Debbie Holzkamp at 714-932-2284