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Mobile Marketing: Rapid Growth and Potential Benefits

Nearly anybody with an iPhone and a Facebook account can agree that businesses are increasingly using mobile marketing and advertising techniques as marketing tools. Advertisements, which are often catered to our interests or frequent Internet searches, now show up as we scroll through our mobile Facebook news feeds. Global mobile advertising revenue leaped from $5.3 […]

Meet Larry Smalley of Virtanza

On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Larry Smalley, a management consultant and facilitator for Virtanza. Larry has worked in many different career environments, but his passion for helping people achieve their goals has remained. Larry has used his knowledge and background in psychology to help him better understand people in the business […]

Twitter: Tips and Tools

As I mentioned in the previous post about marketing on Facebook, I do not claim to be an expert on social media tips and advice; however, I have done a sufficient amount of research on social media usage statistics and tips on how businesses can effectively use these websites and applications. Twitter, like Facebook, is […]

Facebook as a Marketing Tool

As of May 2013, Facebook has over one billion users. According to The Zen of Social Media Marketing, more than half of Facebook’s users log on at least once a day, and its fastest-growing demographic is those twenty-five years old and older. Using Facebook’s growing popularity as a marketing tool is obviously advantageous. The site’s […]

A Conversation with Keith

This week, I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Mr. Keith Gilpin, Virtanza’s sales coach and trainer. An ambitious, intellectual man with extensive background in the marketing and advertising industry, Keith’s time and insight in answering some questions regarding his career and experiences is certainly appreciated. Keith, who was interested in newspapers ads from a […]

Mixed Media

In the 21st century, there exist two different generations working together: the young adults who have grown up in the “digital age” and the baby boomers. Although many of the baby boomer generation have adopted the digital into their personal and working lives, some still prefer traditional media forms, such as print newspapers. In order […]