Virtanza is introducing a new program to supplement your direct sales team with lead generation strategies to get businesses calling you to advertise!

Virtanza will deliver time-tested processes to:

Create strong awareness of your complete portfolio of advertising solutions among your most desirable local advertisers.
Generate pre-qualified leads: Businesses that respond to your campaigns indicate an interest in your advertising products.
Save time: Balancing lead generation techniques with your sales team’s cold calling will lead to more productive activities – and more closed sales!

Case in point: A publisher generated 30 new qualified leads for
digital advertising products from one event by targeting the right
prospects outside of their circulation area.

How the program works:

Identify your best prospects in terms of business categories, decision makers, and advertising spend.

Evaluate your existing as well as outside resources to target your best prospects – including digital advertising, local business organizations, and event marketing.

Create campaign strategies to increase product awareness, build strong interest, and generate leads for the advertising solutions you offer.

Target new prospective advertisers via existing and new channels.

Work with your internal marketing, design and sales teams to launch campaigns, monitor results, evaluate close rates, and improve campaign elements to increase the desired results.

Case in point: A publisher sent an email promotion to create interest
in a new advertising package. With scripted follow up calls to
each prospect, they successfully set up more appointments with
businesses that recalled the email offer and expressed interest.

To start generating quality leads for your sales team:
contact Eileen Licitra at 949-374-8674

or Debbie Holzkamp at 714-932-2284