Eileen Licitra, another member of the Virtanza team, provides workshops for Virtanza’s sales training program in addition to running her own company, Concentric Focus. With 20 years of marketing experience, she has extensive background in product management, marketing, working with multi-media. Curious as to how she began in this field, I asked her if marketing was something she had always been interested in. She explained to me that when she took her first marketing course as a college undergraduate she  “instantaneously fell in love!” This class led her to choose marketing as her major.

Eileen has seen much change in the marketing industry throughout her many years of experience as digital multi-media marketing has evolved rapidly in the last decade. Eileen explains that the key to adapting to these adjustments is to simply never stop learning. In this ever-evolving field, it is necessary to stay on top of the latest marketing trends and adapt to revised and new techniques and channels.

Despite these transformations, the fundamental core principles of marketing have not changed. Eileen states, “A product or a brand is a promise, and you have to constantly deliver on that promise to your customers.” Keeping your customers front and center  is the key to success. Eileen emphasizes the importance of being clear in your brand positioning and how you differentiate yourself from other companies and products.

In her free time, Eileen enjoys travel and recently returned from a trip to Italy. She is also an avid reader and feels that fiction sometimes provides more insight on truth than non-fiction. Eileen just finished and now highly recommends Khaled Hosseini’s newest novel, And the Mountains Echoed (which is now on my long list of books to read!).

Finally, I asked Eileen if she has any advice for young people hoping to pursue a career in the multi-media marketing industry. She revealed her three essential mandates:

1)   Making an absolute commitment to continual learning and education in your field; never stop!

2)   Sincerity and earnestness in building and maintaining a strong network of connections. This can be as simple as asking somebody for business advice occasionally.

3)   Giving back and extending help to others.  The personal rewards are great, and it will reflect professionally as well.